Who Are We?

At Crossfire CCW we are your friends, neighbors, and fellow Americans.  We believe in the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America!  We believe that it is our God given right to protect ourselves and our families.  We understand that even though the police are here to protect and serve that, in an instant, things can change and waiting for an officer of the law to show up and save the day is not an option.  The average responce time for a 911 call is over 6 minutes and bad people who plan to do bad things have no intentions of waiting for the police to show up.  So to answer who we are: we are Americans that teach other Americans to protect themselves and their families.  In our CCW classes we teach you how to shoot, when to shoot, and what to expect to happen if you shoot.


Lee Kropp & Roland Mure

Crossfire CCW 

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