Where are our classes held?

Crossfire CCW  St. Louis classes are held in Eureka, Missouri or we can come to you.  You can contact us to be a part of an existing class or you can gather your friends and family for a private class.


Call Lee at 844-Y-I-Carry (844-942-2779) to reserve your spot  today, or email Lee at sales@crossfireccw.com



Private Classes are available with advanced purchase


No Refunds for classes, class purchases may be transfered to another party.


Note: To qualify you must shoot twenty (20) rounds at a target distance of 21 feet and hit the designated target with fifteen (15) rounds.


Rescheduling Fee of $10.00 will be due for classes not rescheduled within 5 day of class date.


Ever wonder what to carry & why? At Crossfire CCW we can help.  Call us for a free private consultation.  844-Y-I-Carry today!

Sign up today!

Email us at Crossfireccw@gmail.com


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