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Lee is awesome, and super funny. Bring your sense of humor, this isn't an 8-hour snooze fest like you might be expecting. Great instructor who is really knowledgeable, and fully prepares his students for their ccw permit.

Lana out of St. Louis


The instructor (Lee) was knowledgeable, respectful and considerate, not condescending, and made sure everyone received the information and training to their expectations. First time shooter and experienced. Very professional in a very comfortable setting, I Highly recommend Crossfire CCW.

Zach out of St. Louis



Awesome class and very friendly knowledgeable instructor. I highly recommended Lee Kropp of Crossfire CCW.

Matt out of St. Louis



We brought a group of 6 to the class this past sunday, and all of us were very impressed with how fun and informative the class was!!

Steve out of St. Louis



Great class and a great instructor. We had a good time but also learned a lot. I would recommend Lee to anyone interested in taking a CCW class. Thanks Lee.

Wade out of St. Louis



What an awesome class that Lee put on! He was full of information that made the class interesting and interactive. Lee was very professional in his presentation and covered all the topics with great enthusiasm. I would highly recommend Lee's CCW course if you are interested!
Tammy out of St. Louis



My wife, daughter, her fiancée and I were in Lee's class yesterday. Great class, very informative and fun. Highly recommend his CCW class.

Sue out of St. Louis



FYI, While attending a class with a friend at Crossfire CCW in Eureka,the instructor Lee brought up a point for thought;many homes don't have land-lines and phones in bedrooms...If you don't have one, and have an emergency,old cell phones will still call 911,keep one next to your bed.

Kennedy out of St. Louis



KUDO'S on the well organized and very informative CCW class taught by Lee at CCW CROSSFIRE in Eureka,Mo. Besides covering the legal and common sense part of the responsibility of having a CCW, he really went all out to make sure everyone was safety first and then could fire and adapt in various situations. Thank you for the personal training time after class!

Mike out of St. Louis



I attended Lee's CCW class last Sunday. If you are looking for a good CCW instructor, Lee is it. I've been through other CCW's in the past, but Lee brought some great personal anecdotes and stories that really drive home the responsibility and importance of your decision to carry.

Marc out of St. Louis






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